Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and widely used spreadsheet applications available today. Excel’s functionality and popularity have made it an essential component on computers in countless organizations, businesses, and other institutions throughout the world

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Excel is a powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet application. Nearly everyone who works with numbers has likely used Excel or some other spreadsheet application (such as Lotus 1-2-3) in one form or another. In this lesson, we will look at what’s new in the 2010 version, how to open and close the program, and outline some of the things you will see in the program.

Microsoft Excel 2013

If you are working with large volumes of data, by the time you have recalculated the new set of data, the paper based sheets can be practically illegible, forcing you to create a new copy each time that data changes. Updating data in an Excel worksheet is fast and easy. All you need to do is insert the new data and configure the sheet so that calculations are updated whenever the data changes. Storing your data in Excel also enables you to run reports on the data, perform calculations, print your work to share with others, and much more.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Excel can help you organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update, and present your data in ways that will help the decision makers in your organization steer you in the right direction. It will also make these tasks much easier for you to accomplish, and in much less time, than if you used traditional pen-and-paper methods or non-specialized software. This course aims to provide you with a foundation for Excel knowledge and skills, which you can build upon to eventually become an expert in data manipulation.